Cozumel Dive School offers you a full range of lodging choices for your stay while you Scuba Dive in Cozumel.

Diving with a PADI Dive School will make your scuba diving holiday the safest and most fun ever.

Cozumel Dive School Philosophy for scuba diving

Not everyone is an expert diver or has 100’s of dives in the big blue water. Some divers only have the opportunity to scuba dive once a year for just a week and maybe do 10 dives or so at a time. Our philosophy for fun diving is that all divers should have the opportunity to dive and feel comfortable under water with expert guidance until they feel more confidence in their diving skills. Therefore we have developed a way for the inexperienced diver to enjoy their dive holiday with no stress or pressure to perform as an experienced diver would. We all start our dive experiences as beginners and some people have buoyancy issues or even air consumption issues at first. If you are one of those divers that is always finding yourself on the dive boat before the other divers have finished due to low air, have buoyancy issues or you find fast group movement a problem we are going to help you fix these issues with your fun diving. Being a PADI 5 Star IDC center we have the knowledge and experience dealing with the less experienced diver. In fact teaching new divers is what we do so this is nothing new to us. We cannot only make your dive holiday better and more fun we can help you overcome the problems you might be having diving. Cozumel Dive School is the right choice for people new to scuba diving. This is not to say that we cannot take experienced divers as well but our main focus is on helping all divers be better divers no matter what your diving level or experience might be.

What makes Cozumel Dive School different

Since we are here to assist, train and make your fun diving experience the best possible we have some things you need to know about how we operate our diving activities. All divers are on boats that hold no more than 10 divers. We have 3 fast boats that hold 6, 8 or 10 divers. Boat trips are chosen to match the same experienced divers on a single boat. We only go to the reefs and dive sites that match our divers needs and certification level. We will never mix a boat of newly certified fun divers with those more experienced, unless family requests are made. All divers will have up to date fully functional scuba equipment and there is never a charge for rental gear, ever. All divers will be guided through the National Marine Park of Cozumel by a certified PADI Divemaster that has been hand selected and knows the reefs inside out and backwards and who was taught and licensed to dive in the park by the local MPA. All boats are equipped with Emergency Oxygen and have a trained EFR person on board. All boats have a licensed captain. All divers will do a buddy check and follow the recommendations set forth by PADI for fun diving. We will not take divers deeper than they are licensed to go. No diver will do any type of dive that they are not trained to go on. We will give you a private Divemaster free of charge if requested. Most boat trips are with students of all different certification levels so at times you could be on a boat full of divers learning to be Advance, Rescue or even Divemasters. Instructors are always ready to help you and are available to go on the boat trips with you if requested.

Remember that not all dive shops are the same and that no dive shop in Cozumel is a real dive school teaching beginner to instructor on any type of regular basis, only Cozumel Dive School has this unique stature in Cozumel. We have over 1000 reasons to dive and learn more about diving from Cozumel Dive School. That’s right 1000 certifications a year are done at our school via our PADI learning programs.

Scuba Dive in Cozumel with the certainty that you will be professionally looked after during your dive and that your safety and enjoyment are our main concern.

Bed in a House

If you are budget minded this package is perfect for you. You will be in a private house in the middle of town full of only divers. This house will be shared and your room may be shared as well. A full kitchen is at your disposal and full bathroom including hot water. The den will be furnished with a sofa, table, TV and Wi-Fi is provided free of charge.

Dive and Stay Package

Per Person
7 Nights 5 days of diving $469
5 Nights 3 days of diving $319

Private 2 Star Hotel Room

With a minimum of 2 people you can choose to stay in a hotel room located just off the main plaza. The rooms are furnished with TV, fridge, a/c and a private bath with hot water. You will have full access to the swimming pool, common areas and Wi-Fi is available in the lobby. This hotel property has been popular with budget minded scuba divers for years.

Dive and Stay Package

Per Person dbl
7 Nights 5 days of diving $519
5 Nights 3 days of diving $349

Private 3 Star room with Delux Breakfast Buffet

The best deal on the island for scuba diving and stay in a hotel. Your room will come with a/c, cable TV, Internet service, safety deposit box, phone and free deluxe breakfast buffet. Excellent for a couple wanting to both scuba dive and enjoy all the amenities of a nice hotel. Located on the plaza the quiet living and friendly reception will make sure that your hotel stay time is of the best quality. This package is for double occupancy with 2 people diving.

Dive and Stay Package

Per Person dbl
7 Nights 5 days of diving $619
5 Nights 3 days of diving $419

If you do not see a package that you are looking for please contact us for more information. We can make a special package for any hotel and time period.

Call from the USA and Canada: 1-844-447-2822

Call from other locations: +52-1-987-111-8780

To book your scuba diving holiday click here and make your request.

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