This is what your classroom looks like

During your scuba training we feel that it is a good idea to start off slow and easy. This is why we have a pool to start your first in water scuba experience. By the way we are the only facility in Cozumel that uses a pool for its confined water training.

With our 3 boats to choose from your PADI Instructor will choose the best option for your open water dive training. Some students want a more private experience and we can accommodate that with smaller boats that hold 6 divers while others might want to be with a group and prefer a larger boat that holds up to 20 divers. Remember, that because we are a dive school first we will always do what suits your needs in scuba training.

Rest assured that your PADI Professional instructor will teach you how to learn scuba diving at your pace. We focus on what you are able to accomplish and take the course at your pace. We are a true student centered PADI training facility with your comfort and safety in mind. On first meeting your instructor you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you like and you will receive your schedule of the next few days events so that you can maximize your holiday experience while in Cozumel.

One of the best things about teaching scuba is the location of the classrooms and training facilities. We have carefully selected only the best locations for your scuba training. The relaxed stress free atmosphere is one that provides success for all our students. We are sure that you will agree that learning to scuba dive at Cozumel Dive Schools facilities will be one of the best experiences you will have while here in Cozumel on holiday.

While the training is complete and easy to master we always make sure you are progressing along at your personal pace. This is why we use the shallow beach front to guide you on those first few open water dives. This ensures both you and your instructor that you are ready to take that plunge and move on to that first open water boat dive. Now that is what we call a blast in training!

Now that all the training is finished you will be ready to take your fist open water dive with your dive buddy or instructor. With all the knowledge and pool sessions that you have finished we are certain that you will be ready for your fist real dive. Cozumel Dive School is the only place you need to look for PADI scuba dive training in Cozumel.