Why is Cozumel Dive School the best choice

1. Easier than you think

Scuba diving is easy and fun. After a quick session in a swimming pool, your instructor will be able to give you the basics skills that you need to go scuba dive while learning to becoming a scuba diver : swim and breath. Your instructor will always be next to you, making bubbles with you and will give you all the information you need to be comfortable underwater. Don't forget the golden rule in scuba diving : never stop breathing.

2. It is very relaxing

Being underwater will relax your senses, you will hear your breath and nothing else. Being weightless will make you loose track of time.

3. Travel to exotic locations

As a scuba diver you will want to dive in a lot of different places. When you are planning your next holiday location, you will already be planning your next dive site. There are many beautiful places in the world to dive, remember that Cozumel is one of the greatest locations for scuba diving.

4. Make your holidays more exciting

Holidays sitting by a pool... or holidays going under the ocean ? You need to get out of the routine. Why not scuba dive? By dedicating at least one day to scuba diving, you will stay active and create unforgettable memories. Diving is a new experience every time.

5. You are going see things you 've never dreamed of

You may have seen some creatures in wildlife documentaries on TV, but now it's time to get in the water with it. From angel fish to barracudas, turtles to sharks, you have a big range of species that you can see and approach underwater. Be careful we don't touch, it's only for your eyes and memories.

6. You can breath underwater

Breathing underwater has always been a fantasy. Today with the equipment and diving science, everybody can get in the water and start making bubbles. Just give it a try, you will see how amazing it is.

7. Protecting marine wildlife

By exploring the seas and oceans, you are protecting marine life. By choosing to see sea turtles, fish, sharks and all the marine species in their natural environment, you are actively discouraging captive wildlife programs. Watching wildlife underwater and following it during their daily routine is something that cannot be replicated in an aquatic park.

8. Fun, fun & fun

Yes FUN, because diving is fun ! You will met lots of new people, share your experiences and make new friends. Take pictures to show all your non diving friends and family to get them hooked as well. You will love being underwater and watching colorful creatures coming to see you. Every time underwater will be a new and fresh experience.

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